1994-2004 Ford Mustang

Center Armrest Console Gauge/Switch Panels

Perfect fit, coupe or convertible!

Please welcome the newest addition to Speed of Sound's growing lineup, a line of stylish panels designed to give you a clean solution for mounting accessory switches and instrumentation in your 1994-2004 Ford Mustang. Those of you who wish to hide their nitrous systems now have the perfect product for a stealthy installation with QUICK access when necessary!

Cutting edge prototyping tools and CNC equipment have been utilized to design, engineer, and manufacture this new product. These panels are 100% American made, right in our own facility based in Memphis, TN. Speed of Sound products are well known for their excellent fit, finish and performance, as well as the customer support that stands behind them.

Panels are available in two configurations, one for the 1994-2000 cars and the other for the 2001-2004 cars. You have the luxury of custom CNC engraving for your switch functions, delivered in a matter of days!

Panels available in your choice of either Brushed Aluminum or Satin Black finish.

1994-2000 Mustang Panel, shown in satin black finish.

1994-2000 Mustang Panel, shown in brushed aluminum finish.

2001-2004 Mustang Panel, shown in satin black finish.

Mustang Panel, shown in brushed aluminum finish.

Designed for a single 2 1/16" gauge. Switches are 12 volt, 15 amp maximum. Toggle, momentary, and 3-position switches available.
View the installation instructions HERE

If you have any additional questions please e-mail us at: info@speedofsoundllc.com

1994 - 2004 Center Armrest Console Panel

Center Armrest Console Panel
Qty: Price: $89.99

Model Year:

Choose finish:

Each switch will be engraved exactly as you wish. Two rows of ten characters each
can comfortably fit each switch location. See product photos above for example.

4 Switch positions:
Switch 1 at front left, Switch 2 at front right
Switch 3 at rear left, Switch 4 at rear right

Switch 1 text:
Switch 1 type:

Switch 1 LED color (toggle only):

Switch 2 text:
Switch 2 type:

Switch 2 LED color (toggle only):

Switch 3 text:
Switch 3 type:
Switch 3 LED color (toggle only):

Switch 4 text:
Switch 4 type:

Switch 4 LED color (toggle only):