1994-2004 Ford Mustang Gauge Pillars

Place an order for The Best 1994-2004 Mustang A-pillar Gauge Pods (US Patent D529,422) on this page.

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Perfect fit for all 1994 - 2004 Mustang Coupes AND Convertibles, an industry exclusive! Your stock a-pillar is replaced completely, and is not required for the installation of our pillar.

Designed for 2 1/16" diameter Autometer gauges (or equivalent). Fit of the gauges is flawless, the best by far on the market.

All parts are shipped in the correct color for your car, there is no need for painting with our product! This saves you time and lets you install immediately.

Factory-correct texture is found on our pillar. This is not another "cheap piece of plastic" hyped as something better. Our gauge pods are injection-molded for extreme durability.

Just check the "Add Raptor" box on your order to get your pillar with our custom mount for the Raptor Performance shift light! Click HERE to see photos of this unique product!

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Speed of Sound has always used genuine OEM parts to manufacture our patented gauge pillars. The OEM ceased making all 1994-2004 pillars several years ago. Because of this, our pillars for these cars are also discontinued.


We have started a program where you can send us your OEM pillar for modification into a single or dual gauge pillar (no triples have ever been available for 94-04). We do these builds six times per year in January, March, May, July, September and November. Please call 901.383.1621 or email info@speedofsoundllc.com for more information. Please reference "Pillar Conversion" in the subject line.




In an effort to make sure your order is correct, please consider the following:

Black is the only color option on all 1994-1998 models, both coupe and convertible. Every car made during this time period received a black pillar, regardless of interior colors.

Parchment is the color choice for those of you with a tan interior/pillar from the factory.

Charcoal is a dark grey/graphite color, and is the OEM color in all 03/04 Cobras, Mach 1 mustangs, Bullitt mustangs and other models.

Important note to 2003 Mustang coupe owners:

In the middle of the 2003 production run of hardtop cars, the OEM driver's and passenger's pillars were changed to meet federal regulations. Some cars produced in this model year have our 94-03 pillar, and most have the newer 2004 style.

Click HERE for a comparison photo to best determine your style.

To guarantee your order is perfect, you may also remove your stock pillar and reference the part number. Use the first two digits of the part number to determine the correct Speed of Sound gauge pillar for you.

First two digits = 2 R , then choose our 1994-2003 coupe model

First two digits = 3 R , then choose our 2004 coupe model

View the installation instructions HERE